Saturday, February 6, 2010

Arctic III

Another installment of this series, or whatever it is I'm making.


  1. Ohh, very nice. I love the combination of textures and colours you´ve got in this illo, It´s very original and particular.
    And the polar bear is supercute, beautiful.


  2. Even though this adorable polar bear is all alone, he is in the coolest place ever so I feel like he's not so lonely, he's just on his way to meet his polar friends :)

  3. WAIT!! is this the same bear that is in "sad bear"???? TELL MEEEEE I think you cheated and did a copy-paste situation with some different scenery...questionable.

  4. dooo doo doooo i dont know what youre talking about.... haha yeah its the same guy, so what! Hes a traveler! He goes from cliffs to oceans in no time. :) Hes also on the painting i made for you, jerk!