Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a Fact!

"The "M" on M&M's candies were stenciled by hand until WWII labor shortages forced the confectioner to automate the process."
The idea that the M was being hand applied is just so crazy! So I thought, what if someone decided to really take pride in their M one day, and just make it super fancy?

Me and my fellow illustrator friends decided to challenge ourselves with illustrating one random fun fact a week. Check out Amy's, and Steph's.

(From the comments I've read on Factopolis regarding their facts, it seems as if some of them don't have a lot of proof backing them up. But who cares?! The imagery is so much fun!)


  1. oh man, that sounds like the worst job ever, haha! nice illo, it looks like a poster!

  2. what a funny fact, love the illustration!